The Elements of Graphic Design, 2nd Ed

“Elegance is not the abundance of simplicity. It is the absence of complexity.”

The Elements of Design: Space, Unity, Page Architecture, and Type is in it’s 2nd Edition, published in 2011. The First Edition sold 60,000 copies and has become a standard text in graphic design programs across the US and in a dozen foreign countries.

This full-color, entirely revisualized, expanded edition includes 200 new images culled from the canons of design, painting, and architecture. This is what I wanted the book to be in its first incarnation: a sexy and memorable description of white space in graphic design.

EoGD2-Chinese2015Following the first edition’s translation into Chinese in 2012, the second edition has been translated into Chinese in the summer 0f 2015.

“Student or professional, if you need the ‘simple’ basics – or want to get to more ‘complex’ basics – if you don’t yet know the necessities of successful graphic design – or have forgotten them in the complexity of today’s overwhelming possibilities, here is the book for you. It’s by a guy who as quite a track record of speaking to both.” – Ed Fella, AIGA Medalist

“This book explains what I try to get across to my designers: how to make all parts of a design work together. My office has a big library and this is the book I hand over when breakthroughs are needed.” – Matteo Bologna, founder of Mucca Design

The Second Edition was published by Allworth Press in 2011. The First Edition was published by Allworth Press in 2002.