Advertising Design & Typography

“Advertising turns features (facts) into benefits (reasons to try the product) in two parts: strategy and execution. Strategy is the core message, execution is creatively bringing the message to life… This book is about execution.”

Advertising Design and Typography is a comprehensive overview of advertising design strategies that will cut through the clutter. Design principles such as unity, contrast, hierarchy, dominance, scale, abstraction, and type and image relationships are thoroughly discussed using 1,500 examples and illustrations of outstanding advertising from all over the world.

  • What makes an ad successful?
  • Getting the audience’s attention
  • The importance of branding and identity
  • Researching your client and audience
  • Using typography to define personality
  • The difference between print design and the Web, billboards, television, and radio
  • Advertising design vs editorial design

“I group new books on design in two categories: over-designed with images afloat in a sea of white space and, most annoyingly, small text type and even smaller captions; and books with solid editorial perspective that comes to grips with the subject matter and presents practical and theoretical design concepts with clarity in a well designed format. I think Alex White’s book definitely falls into the latter group.” – Amazon reviewer

“I’m a graphic design student who was assigned this book for an Advertising Design class. I’m only into Chapter 2 and already know how much this book has to offer. I have told people that this is my favorite academic book of all time.” – Amazon reviewer

Published by Allworth Press in 2007.