Advertising Design & Typography released as a Second Edition in 2015

AD&T coverA new updated softcover edition of Advertising Design & Typography was published in July 2015. This is the addition to the Preface:

“Since writing the first edition of this book in 2007, I have developed a wider evaluation of the role of design in business. This is a result of having served as the chairman of a graduate program in Design Management. I lead one of a dozen graduate programs in the country that share a common goal: to help designers – advertising designers, graphic designers, industrial designers, architectural designers, and all other flavors of designers – learn how to apply their onboard design talents to business problems. This is a relatively new field of practice, but the fundamentals are that design thinking, a specific way of solving problems that in essence leaves no stone unturned, is applied to business problems in order to develop innovative solutions. This is accomplished by researching and applying inspiring and successful examples from outside the specific area being worked on. Design management proposals are judged on three criteria: economic viability, social and cultural contribution, and sustainability (which primarily addresses ecological sustainability, but also considers economic, political, and cultural sustainabilities).”

“In today’s business environment, advertising designers must consider new aspects of increasing sales for their clients because their audience expects it. Design management is the best way I know to approach deeper thinking. I have been teaching design for the user’s benefit since 1983. It wasn’t called design thinking then, but I have always promoted an exploration of the most potent expression of an idea. This book is filled with examples of the most potent expression of ideas. Blandness can’t possibly sell because it can’t be seen. An ad must be seen to produce a reaction, which is an ad’s truest task: to make the viewer do something.”

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