Talk therapy on white space at Pratt Manhattan

Pratt Institute facadeI have been invited by the Graphic Artists Guild to speak at Pratt Institute (14th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues) in Manhattan on Thursday Nov3 at 7pm. The talk’s title is White Space in Design: Two Hours of Talk Therapy

Please join me. The lecture is $20 for Graphic Artists Guild members and $30 for others*. That is a saving of at least $400 over what you would pay for two hours of any other kind of talk therapy in Manhattan, which I am lead to believe is over $225 per hour. By very special arrangement, my students get in free: thank you Graphic Artists Guild!

Lots of Q&A. If you bring an already-purchased book**, I will be delighted to sign it. If you bring a book by another author, I will do my best to disguise my handwriting as I sign it with their name. (My cousin Miguelito introduced me to this idea when he spent an afternoon signing all my LP sleeves in 1972. Each signature was distinctly different. Looking back, I wish I’d kept my fake signed Carlos Santana vinyl.

*If you visited this site earlier, I was mistaken about it being free for everyone. I apologize for not having the facts and for making hasty assumptions. That’s what gets me into trouble as a designer, too. I hope you will consider joining us on Thursday anyway. I will do my level best to help you see differently in those two hours. It won’t be one of those presentations that goes on and on about how wonderful the speaker is and how wonderful their clients are and how wonderful it is to be them. No. My goal is to give you a two hour dose of another way of seeing. Using words. Cool if it works. Come see if it works.

** Oh yeah, about having books for sale there, which was something I also had in the earlier version of this post: the weird October nor’easter we just survived has affected the bookseller who was going to populate the back of the hall. She can’t be there with the goodies. I have tried in the past to sell books while speaking, but it doesn’t work out very well. Either I stop speaking or I don’t move books. So instead of selling books, I have, by very special arrangement, secured covers of my 2011 book, The Elements of Graphic Design, 2nd Edition, which I will be handing out to everyone in attendance. Farrrrreeeeeee. And I’ll sign ’em if you wish. (Another workaround is you can pick up a copy of EoGD2 at Barnes & Noble on Union Square on the way over and I’ll sign it for you at Pratt.)


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