Fred ShowkerMy pal Fred Showker at sent me ten questions about design and space in readying his book review of my Elements of Graphic Design, 2nd Edition. Please visit his site for the book review. Fred and I met as co-hosts of a design seminar series for the Department of Defense in D.C. Crew cuts and uniforms on many… but definitely not on us. Fred’s questions are below, my responses are here.

  1. What is white space and why is it important?
  2. What are the three raw materials of graphic design and visual communication?
  3. What is the difference between “nothing wrong” and “something right” with a design?
  4. Let’s talk about history: when was white space invented?
  5. Let’s talk about art: what is white space equivalent to in other arts?
  6. Let’s talk about law: is it really a crime to misuse white space?
  7. Let’s talk about food: it is said white space makes a design “tasty.” True?
  8. What is “hidden” white space?
  9. What is wrong with filling in all the space?
  10. If white space is so important, why aren’t there any empty pages in your book?

My responses are here.

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