Online expressive display type course beginning April 9

Join me in a four-week online course and workshop on display typography via the Visual Media Alliance and the Houlton Institute, both San Francisco-based outfits of some repute. The AIGA and Adobe are also partnering with us. The course begins on April 9 and wraps up on May 6, 2012.

The Provocative Life of Type: Unearthing Expressive Value

Never underestimate the power of type to convey style, character, and meaning to a message. As Paula Scher says: “Words have meaning. Type has spirit. The combination is spectacular.”

This course will introduce ways to reveal meaning and add spirit to your display type. The design processes used to elicit typographic feeling is an integral aspect of this course. Understanding these dynamics can inspire more expressive, dynamic, and stimulating design. Although entirely online, the course will include active design development and will require the use of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. The workshop element allows you to bring an existing project or to create one in the course in order to hone your skills. This course would be well suited to graphic designers, mature students, and advertising and marketing professionals.

This course is FULLY online, but delivered asynchronously so you work at your own pace. However, this is NOT a webinar. This course is interactive, includes a lot of social contact and exchange, and includes video components, activities, Adobe instruction, ample networking opportunities, and a personalized critique by the Professor. Learn how to take type to the next level. The course is taught by Alex W. White, an award-winning designer, lecturer, and author of six books including The Elements of Graphic Design, Thinking in Type, and Advertising Design and Typography – all required texts for design students around the world. Alex has taught students at Parsons, FIT, and is a past chairman of the Type Directors Club.

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